Playa LaLa 7 minutes to the beach

Playa LaLa is fast becoming one of my favorite beaches. Rincon has miles and miles but Playa LaLa is just a 7 minute walk from the Plaza. It has deep sand that was unaffected by the recent hurricane when the other beaches showed erosion. This beach has considerable tree shade and mostly is pretty empty. If you want a drink or snake the shops at Ventana del Mar are right behind you. If it is a beach walk you want it is a clear shot down to the Municipal beach and then down to Marina Beach.

Qué Chévere - Opening Day

On Friday September 16 we invited the town to our official inauguration. The event was organized by the Mayor and was attended by well over 150 people, the press and dignitaries including the President of the Senate of Puerto Rico. The buildings were blessed and the red ribbon was cut.

The remarks were to the point. Our future is in our hands and that small business will lead the way. Rincon is blessed with a beautiful natural environment which brings in tens of thousands of visitors. New visitors interested in an authentic experience connecting with local people and the Latin culture of Puerto Rico. Qué Chévere is well positioned to open up the Plaza area as a destination. All without a car. Beaches, restaurants and night life all within steps of the Posada.

The town looks brighter... buildings have been repainted and the Plaza spruced up. Rincon has open arms.