Sunday Farmer's Market - Baked In Rincon

Up and out. Today is Sunday which, in the morning or early afternoon, means a trip across the street to the weekly Farmers Market. It has enough farm to table items, seasonings, vegetables and so forth to please young and old alike. Present for duty, are a wide range of artisan and craft offerings for you take back home as gifts. Great hand made jewelry crafted from sea glass and natural, found objects.

Also ready made foods to take you thru the morning.

What I like is the chance to meet and greet. Today was Roland of Baked in Rincon. On offer are great sour-breads (his wife makes them). The tag line is "Baked goods and taste treats". Coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls anyone? Roland originally comes from PR but was raised in the States. He came back with his wife to care for his aging mother about four years ago. His daughters, who are in there twenty's are still back in the USA. Roland says you have an obligation to your parents... he looks forward and backward. Roland is a stand up guy... and his baked goods are fantastic. Treat yourself.