This is NO PLACE like home

We make our home in in a building which 50 years ago housed a variety store and the home of a former Mayor directly on the Plaza. We're surrounded by a community that, is the heart of Rincon. Just across the Plaza which is anchored by the Catholic and Presbyterian churches is the old spring site that generations of Rincoaños used as a source for fresh water. We've got an active art scene. The plaza pulses with drum beats and has some of the most interesting restaurants on the West Coast. The plaza hums with life and is filled with characters young and old. Oh... no car, not too worry all that you want is within walking distance... 10 minutes tops.

At Qué Chévere we have public spaces to gather, to make friends, watch the game, dream dreams large and small. There's fabulous food, drinks and light snacks in the building, at the ready — and if you're into sleeping, we happen to have 11 private rooms with bath. 

What do you want? Syncopated Latin beats... open your window. Shopping? Step out of your door on to the plaza. Thursday night art walk. Sunday farmers market. Saturday night music in the Plaza. Surf, dive, snorkel, fish soak up the sun? Walk 10 minutes to the Caribbean. Want to get up close and personal with a vibrant culture that can't contain its zest for living? Just experience an immersion in our small Puerto Rican pueblo. Willing to try a vacation spot different from anything you have felt before? Just go for it.