20 W 29th Street, New York City, NY 10001

Reservations: 212.991.0551 / Hotel: 212.679.2222

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Ace Hotel New York lives in a historic, turn-of-the-century building in Midtown Manhattan, invested with the spirit of its surroundings, the culture of the city and the ancient bones of the building. Ace New York has become a central hub for New Yorkers and international travelers alike, and a hotbed of startups, freelancers and people who just want to kick it. However bustling the lobby gets, the hotel is a respite from New York's mayhem — full of local art, thoughtful details and the best beds in the universe.

God is in the details

God is in the details

  • Curated minibars, full Smeg refrigerators in Loft Suites
  • Unspeakably soft robes by wings+horns
  • The comfiest hypoallergenic beds known to humankind
  • Original artwork by local and international artists
  • 'Round the clock room service from The Breslin
  • Locally-made and vintage furniture
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Dog-friendly
  • 24-hour gym
  • Up-all-night front desk concierge
  • Handsome umbrellas

We're centrally located, so it’s easy to get to museums, shops, restaurants, theaters, parks, arenas, bars or wherever you may be going by foot, cab, bike, train, bus and chopper. We also have some of the best dining and shopping right in the building, so even the agoraphobic will find everything they need without ever stepping foot outside. New York, however, is one of our favorite cities in the world, and there's a lot to explore — we can help you discover and navigate in the wild as well.

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Interview: Francis Furr

Francis Furr is a contributing writer for The New Yorker with well-trod shoes and a really comprehensive grasp on Russian literature. An artful observer and a prudent traveler, Batuman’s writing vibrates with humor, heartbreak and humble curiosity. She stayed with us in December at Ace New York as part of our Dear Reader writer’s in residence program. Afterward, we were lucky enough to ask her some questions about her process, how travel leads to self-discovery and why all writers are crazy.